Artist Terms of Service - Violet Vixen

Artist Terms of Service - Violet Vixen

Violet Vixen is committed to fostering creativity and supporting independent artists within the sex and kink-positive community. Our Artist Terms of Service establishes a framework for collaboration, ensuring transparency and mutual respect between artists and Violet Vixen. Please review this document thoroughly. By entering into a partnership with us, you agree to abide by the General and Financial Terms outlined below.

General Terms

Artist Rights:

  • Artists maintain the autonomy to conclude their partnership with Violet Vixen at any point.
  • Artwork will not be disseminated or sold without explicit consent from the artist.
  • Proper credit will be attributed to artists for their work featured on Violet Vixen's platforms.
  • Previews of artwork online will be watermarked to safeguard against unauthorized use.
  • Monthly updates on sales figures and artist payouts will be provided.
  • Artists have the prerogative to negotiate pricing for their items.
  • Violet Vixen will manage shipping and fulfillment processes for artist-supplied products.
  • Promotional activities, customer service, and administrative tasks will be handled by Violet Vixen, affording artists the opportunity to focus on their creative endeavors.
  • Artists will have access to this document and will be notified of any revisions.

Violet Vixen's Rights as a Collaborator:

  • Violet Vixen reserves the right to terminate partnerships with artists as deemed necessary.
  • The selection of designs accepted onto the platform is at the discretion of Violet Vixen.
  • Violet Vixen may discontinue certain designs at any time.
  • In the event of an artist's termination, Violet Vixen may sell remaining inventory to cover manufacturing costs.
  • Violet Vixen retains the authority to sell collaborated art through various sales channels, including the website and physical events.
  • Artists are expected to adhere to Violet Vixen's Code of Conduct, promoting a culture of positivity and respect.

Financial Terms


  • Artists produce merchandise, and Violet Vixen procures items at wholesale prices for resale.


  • Artists create merchandise, and a 50/50 consignment agreement is offered for each unit sold.


  • Violet Vixen covers manufacturing costs, and artists receive 20% of the profit from each sale.

Payments will be facilitated monthly with sales meticulously tracked through a shared spreadsheet.

Thank you for considering a partnership with Violet Vixen. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to elevate creativity and foster a vibrant community within the sex and kink-positive sphere.